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The Robin Phillips Sextet is a highly talented and sophisticated jazz ensemble.

Specialising in bespoke jazz performances, the ensemble has devised a ranged of interesting and informative jazz sets which especially suit the theatre and festival circuit.

The ensemble is run by pianist, vocalist, historian, band-leader, and arranger, Robin Phillips.

As well being a talented pianist, arranger, and vocalist, Robin is a highly articulate speaker who keeps audiences interested and entertained in-between the musical numbers with information and anecdotes about the tunes and their composers.

The Robin Phillips Sextet offer three unique programmes: 'Jazz Across The 20th Century', 'The Great Jazz Songwriters', and '1959'.

'Jazz Across The 20th Century' works chronologically through the 20th century showing how the different jazz eras developed, starting with stride piano and ending with post-modern jazz composers such as Esbjorn Svennson Trio. 

'The Great Jazz Songwriters' programme looks at the handful of composers who have become known for their huge offering of vocal 'standards' to jazz performers across the globe, including George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Rodgers & Hart.

The group's final programme offering, '1959' , looks at the compositions of a pivotal year in the development of jazz music. Covering music from five albums recorded in 1959 including Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue and John Coltrane's Giant Steps, the performance shows how the great artists of that year were taking the jazz genre in ground-breaking new directions.

As well as the programmes descirbed above, the group can perform ‘straight ahead’ jazz performances (vocal and instrumental) for a variety of concerts / events.



The Robin Phillips Sextet
Wymondham Music Festival

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