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JMT is a jazz / poetry collective featuring poet and playright, Jehane Markham.

The Jehane Markham Trio also includes Robin Phillips on piano and Jonny Gee on bass.

Playing the dual-role of story-teller and rhthym-keeper, Jehane Markham delivers live versions of her poetry with evocative musical contributions from the two musicians.

The trio has composed two feature-length musical / poetry pieces, London Series and Vladivostock to Moscow. The first describes the feelings and memories of various locations in the English Capital and the latter recounts a journey on the famous train line. The London Series is available to buy on CD including 2 bonus tracks at www.roughwinds.co.uk.

JMT also performs shorter pieces where poems written by Jehane are combined with funky musical interpretations.

JMT offers the perfect act for festivals and performance venues looking for something truly original within the world of poetry.

For more information on Jehane Markham, visit the Roughwinds website by clicking here.


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